Tech Question of the Day (Network+) – Start with the simple stuff…

Tech Question of the Day (Network+): A technician has identified a computer networking problem (no connectivity). What is the next step according to the CompTIA Network+ troubleshooting process? (see answer below and video response.)

As a bonus, what is really wrong here? Remember, when troubleshooting, always start with the simple stuff.



The next step of the CompTIA Network+ troubleshooting theory (for N10-006) is to Establish a theory of probable cause. You must ask yourself: Why did it happen? Watch the video solution to learn about the 7 steps of the Network+ troubleshooting process with a basic example of troubleshooting. Also, I listed the troubleshooting steps below.

Video Solution:

Step 1  Identify the problem

Step 2  Establish a theory of probable cause

Step 3  Test the theory to determine cause

Step 4  Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and identify potential effects

Step 5  Implement the solution or escalate as necessary

Step 6  Verify full system functionality and if applicable implement preventative measures

Step 7  Document findings, actions and outcomes

Check out the CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Complete Video Course by Kevin Wallace here.

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